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Are you an Agent?

High quality prospects for market appraisals in your area now.

The Valuemyproperty.co.uk (VMP) website is an automated valuation tool that captures personal information as well as property information which together creates a valuation prospect for an estate agent in their trading area. We capture the reasons behind a prospect undertaking the online valuation of the property with many of these clients looking to sell their property now. What other way can you get in touch with local prospects with such ease? The site is postcode related and all prospects and promotions can be linked to agents trading areas meaning no wastage of marketing spends.

You will get:

  •   Valuations in your chosen postcode areas.
  •   Advertising on the valuation pages targeted at postcodes and on the auto responder email that goes to each user.
  •   The valuation tool embedded on your own website to capture more details from more prospects.

    • Sign up here or call 0845 075 0152 - We are currently in a beta mode where we will ask you to work with us on pricing. We will allocate you a real human to look after you and your account.

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What this means to you:

  Increased awareness of an agent's brand in their trading areas.
  Beneficial 3rd party independent endorsement through ValueMyproperty.co.uk
  Prospects with varying propensities to progress.
  More data capture from your own website.
  Better information on valuation opportunities.

Agent FAQ's

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